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Retro Game Challenge 2? Not anytime soon


XSEED’s Ken Berry on Retro Game Challenge 2, in an interview with RPGamer:

We’re getting by, but not doing as well as we’d like. Retro Game Challenge started off well but still hasn’t gotten to the point where we can justify bringing over the sequel.

Someone should let XSEED know that Retro Game Challenge is hot!

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  1. jc says:

    Kind of removes any lingering doubt I had about picking up the Japanese version. Although I really would have preferred playing the adventure games without having to open two dictionaries.

    • Jenn Frank says:

      Yeah, that’s my problem, too. Even with the first game, I needed to follow along with Chris Kohler’s Arino no Chosenjou GameLife Guide™.

      So, yeah, in short, I have no idea how to cope in a world where not everyone speaks English. /ugly American

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