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Lost Crown: to buy or not to buy

So it’s 5:30 AM PST, and the movers get here at 9:00 AM PST, and instead of freaking the freak out, I am surfing Tumblr.

Recently, I hinted just as politely as I could that I loathe modern point-and-click PC adventure games. I heard those Nancy Drew ones are pretty good, but I am skeptical all the same. Still, my e-friend Mel—who shares my skepticism, it seems—has several kind words for The Lost Crown. Mel writes,

...[T]his is actually a 3rd person horror/mystery that plays more like Gabriel Knight meets Shivers. And, most impressively, it was all made primarily by one man, Jonathan Boakes, who … is probably the closest the genre currently has to a modern day Jane Jensen (although some would argue that Jane Jensen is the current Jane Jensen as she is working on her game Gray Matter which may or may not still exist).


Did somebody say Shivers? Really? Are you messing with me? But the game’s own product description, the whole technology bent, makes it sound all AMBER: Journeys Beyond-ish instead. Uh, not to say that’s bad—a ton of people admire AMBER—but that TV show PSI Factor used to air on late-night network television about the same time the game came out, and… I just… ugh.

In short, I might download The Lost Crown to my MacBook’s better, XP half. But would the US$30 be better spent tipping the moving company? Is my trepidation founded? Has anyone played this game? Should I simply go read a review? Am I unbelievably cheap? Discuss.

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  1. perestroika says:

    i say go for it if you haven’t already. i did this with some other, non-adventure games and i did not regret it 🙂

    btw, amazon has it for $11! so it shouldn’t be too much of a loss if its not a good game.


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