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‘Game Widow’ free for four more days

gamewidowWendy Kays isn’t happy with your husband.

The author of Game Widow (and reluctant Dr. Phil guest guru) investigates the collateral damage caused in relationships by game addiction. Kays’ own husband is a game developer.

From the back of her book:

Is your loved one constantly monopolizing your computer or TV to play video games? [editor’s note: Actually, yes, he monopolizes my Xbox.] If so, you might be a game widow. Wendy Kays, former game widow, is here to help. In this book, she successfully bridges the gap between those who game and those who don’t by sharing invaluable advice and practical strategies for reclaiming your relationship with a video-gaming spouse, friend, or family member.

Curious about Game Widow? Me, too.

And for four more days, a PDF of the book is free for download (direct PDF link).

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