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Daily Linksplosion: “Things I learned from Twitter” edition

The real problem with Twitter? It’s hard to know when to disconnect.

I was sitting in the movie theater, wearing my polarized 3D glasses and waiting for Up to begin. As the lights were dimming, I pulled out my cell phone. I’ll just tap my way into Tweetie, I decided, and take a quick peek at the haps before diligently turning my little machine off.

In the ensuing thirty seconds, I learned:

  • Holy god, 61FPS is leaving us: 61 Frames Per Second—which is, for a variety of reasons and writers, one of my favorite blogs—is shuttering. And so soon after its extremely tasty reboot! The blog’s parent and host, nerve.com, is relaunching itself (again!) as a magazine: I can dig that. Nerve was the Internet’s edgy, geeky, sexy kick-in-the-pants in the 1990s (back when I shouldn’t have been visiting nerve.com but did anyway, titter, titter). Apparently Nerve is refocusing on what it does best—sex—so I can only nod and shrug with reluctant understanding. Perhaps nerve.com will consider covering sex in videogames? I’d buy that from the newsstand! (But only if I am wearing sunglasses or a hat.) Best of luck to 61FPS’s talented writers, each of whom is a gem in his and her own right.
  • Holy god, EGM is back in business: It’s a strange and risky time to rekindle a property and hop back into print, but along with Nerve the magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly is staging its triumphant return. Little could anyone have guessed, EGM founder Steve Harris zoomed in to reclaim his once-and-future publishing rights from Ziff Davis (Harris sold EGM to Ziff in 1996). Update: Some informed musings from James Mielke and Sam Kennedy. What could the future have in store?
  • It’s a shoot-em-up for Petri Purho! In less bittersweet news, Petri Purho confirms to Bitmob that, yes, his game will be a shmup. More speculation from readers in Bitmob’s comments. I can’t wait!

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