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Cactus and VilleK team up for ‘Air Pirates’

Cactus (who, together with Ville Krumlinde, comprises Lo-Fi Minds) just took to his Twitter account with a trailer for Air Pirates, Lo-Fi’s latest collaboration.

It looks heart-palpitatingly awesome:

Air Pirates will debut next month at e4.com.

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  1. Bboy_Izilla says:

    Whoa…is this the same guy that made the Space Fuck and the Fuck Space games? If so…i cosign this. Looks fun…wondering if it plays in an infinite loop though…

  2. Chris Person says:

    I had no idea that Cactus was a fan of The Death Set (The band in the trailer music).

    In a weird bit of Six Degrees of Kevin Baconry, I actually shot half of a music video for them (for the song “Selective Memories”) that remains unfinished. It was funny, they showed up to the shoot in one of the most legit, american made, DIY punk vans ever, fully covered in Grafitti and skate stickers and looking the Mystery Machine had gone through a crystal meth and malt liquor carwash.

    The cherry on top? A giant, prop T they had apparently swiped from Girl Talk’s set the night before was dangling through the rear-right passenger side door’s handle like a an stuffed elk’s head they killed and mounted. According to them they didn’t remember the exact details of how it had got there, but they had a sneaking suspicion that they had done it and he was okay with it. Those kids are so awesome.

    Okay, I’m done telling a random story. Let’s talk about Kid Icarus for the Game Boy or something now.

    P.S. (To Cactus) XOXOXO

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