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Forget Doom! ‘Space Ace’ for iPhone

Remember Dragon’s Lair? With Dirk the Daring starring as the blundering hero, tasked with rescuing the princess? Kind of tedious?

Within the year following its release, Don Bluth Studios loosed yet another multiple-choice, feature-film-quality adventure into arcades. Called Space Ace, the titular hero—Ace, I mean—was sort of an intergalactic refitting of his medieval forbearer.

And while the thought of conducting Ace through a sequence of quicktime events doesn’t exactly thrill me, the idea of cramming an entire laserdisc game onto the iPhone absolutely does.

Touch Arcade, with undeniably impressive gameplay footage, below:

Maybe I shouldn’t be so dumbstruck by this; hell, Space Ace was gorgeous to begin with. But on the iPhone? Holy cow.

I think I like the idea of this game—a onetime feat of technology—being marvelous and novel all over again. I guess the medium really is the message.

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  1. jc says:

    I was really looking forward to the DS release of Dragon’s Lair! I don’t think it ever happened. Now I guess if they do it, it will be for the iPhone.

  2. Steve - Sydney says:

    AWESOME. I have an original Dragons Lair 2 Standup Machine that I have modded into a Laser arcade machine. Space Ace, Dragon’s Lair 1 & 2 Thayers Quest hell the list goes on. So Im eagerly awaiting the download and sync of Space Ace so I can play it at any time. The Video is a direct port from the pioneer laser player by the looks of things as you still get the video breaks between scene changes and energizes, pitty about that but hey thats how we have always played it.
    Woo Hoo. Can’t wait for the rest of the ports to be released !

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