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E3 2009: I need to catch up

I was not in LA or at my laptop very much (or at all) today. As such, I know nearly nothing about E3 Day One.

I was able, however, to skim the headlines:


Um, ‘OH NO!!’ is a gossip blog that just accidentally slipped into my RSS feeds somehow

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    It is fantastic beyond measure that your RSS headlines are whittled down to practically nothing but Monkey Island and Metroid.

  2. DenisDuckFat says:

    Video games are getting worse and worse. What was there announced for me? NSMBWii? Anything else? The industry sucks nowadays.

  3. Jenn Frank says:

    @KB I know! I confess, I planned it that way.

    @DDF He lives! I had wondered, on and off through the years, about my very favorite retro-gaming curmudgeon! I am privileged to see you, and I think you should write an editorial about why E3 sucks. edit: oh hey

  4. DenisDuckFat says:

    Good to see you again on the internets.

    Oh, perhaps i shall still do it—in a lower brow and far less eloquent manner, of course. And with my special brand of anti-violence-game ranting and musick game hate.

  5. Noe V. says:

    Heya Jenn, If you’re still catching up on E3 news there was one video that I made for those that remember what it’s like to have “home movies” of the experience. Copy paste if you get a chance…
    http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/25122 – Noe

  6. DenisDuckFat says:

    It is posted(and bad(in a bad(in a bad way) way))

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