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Just in time for game’s 25th anniversary: cute European Tetris shirt

So laFraise is basically the European Threadless: aspiring designers submit potential T-shirt designs, and the winning art is printed in gratifyingly limited runs.

just a game

I have no idea what is happening on this shirt, but I like it.

At €19, it’s pretty expensive (US$27, in fact!), but—well, no, OK, I just confirmed that’s how much it costs to have 5-7 colors hand-screened by Spreadshirt. So I guess it… isn’t… that expensive.

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  1. Kurt says:

    Just our luck, it’s in PAL.

  2. I found out yesterday about Tetris’ 25th from someone else’s tweet. That is an awesome shirt though.


  3. Noe V. says:

    If only all test patterns were as fun. Hmm, maybe somebody could invent a game around that Native American logo… hmm…

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