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Felted Game Boy case for your mobile phone

Katja makes iPhone cases from felt. This one looks like a Game Boy.


These little phone pockets are already sold out at her etsy shop but, Katja writes, “Don’t be afraid to contact me if it’s already sold—I have tooooooons of them.”

Not yet sold out: an iPhone case sporting a mustache.

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  1. Cody W. says:

    This might sound a bit odd, but… after seeing this one and the PS1 case, I now want an iPhone. That is my reason for buying one. Seriously!

  2. Luana says:

    Aww! I made one of these for a friend a while back, but out of blizzard fleece instead of felt (since there’s no good way to clean felt). I love the rough detailing of the button letters—so charming!

  3. Tony says:

    Where do i order one?

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