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Super-girly accessories for your woefully masculine DS

Turns out this feat of imagineering is old as sin (well, about a year old), but I think these Hello Kitty DS styluses and/or styli warrant a closer look.


The Hello Kitty styluseseses—key or butterfly -shaped, your choice!—are sold by Strapya, international purveyor of all things strappy. Check out the product description:


It’s tacky. It’s cumbersome. It is irresistible.

Besides, it will go perfectly with my brand new bling:


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  1. Adam Milecki (TideGear) says:

    My favorite part is the reflection of the stylus on the screen in the first picture. It makes it look like the screen has a horrific scratch.

    • Jenn Frank says:

      Seriously! It looks like she’s keying a car.

      My favorite, however, is the Princess Jewelry Gem Sticker Decoration Kit. It is every girl’s dream to one day play a wedding cake.

  2. ShawnS says:

    Thanks for the via link! 🙂

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