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Chicago is a Four-Letter Word

I recently moved from San Francisco back to Chicago. And while I was actually born in the Bay Area, I’ve never been so proud a Californian as I’ve been a Chicagoan.

This afternoon I took to my Xbox account, intending to update my Live profile with my new geographical status. And guess what. The Xbox will not let you enter ‘Chicago’ as your location. It’ll let you enter almost anything else—Austin, San Francisco, NYC—but as soon as you type “Chicago” (or “Fuckington, NJ”), it gives you a little pop-up warning.

At least one other Chicagoan has reported he has the same “location glitch” as I have. Et tu? Can you enter “Chicago” as your location in your Xbox profile? Let me know in the comments or in email, because I’d like to make a pie chart.

Update: Kevin Cogger—who is in the know about these sorts of thing—speculates that the trouble is with ”-cago” which, alone, is a crass word in Spanish. Spanish!

As in: “Me cago en el nombre de su ciudad.

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  1. Danh Hoang says:

    That’s screwed up! It must be a Jennspiracy. Have you tried changing it online by signing onto xbox.com?

  2. Danh Hoang says:

    WTF!? Now I’m all flustered. The guys in Redmond must be Cardinal fans.

  3. Tom K says:


  4. Aaron M says:

    The classic example of this sort of thing is Scunthorpe.

  5. Erik Hanson says:

    Odd. I’ve have “Chicago, IL” since I signed up in 2005.

    Also: Welcome to Chicago!
    We’re glad you’re here! Richard M. Daley, Mayor

  6. Kevin Bunch says:

    Does Chitown work? I mean, at least most people would grasp what that means!

  7. Jason says:

    That would explain why I see a lot of folks on UNO Rush from Chi-town instead of Chicago. And I saw your profile recently and I was like, “How come it’s all San Francisco no wait Chicago?” Eesh.

  8. Adam says:

    There you go again with the awesome bumpers.

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