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PSP Go: Yea or nay?


Well, of course I think James Stevenson should spring for a PSP Go! After all, I waited four hours in the freezing cold for my PSP.

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    I’m kind of nay on the subject, given that Sony came out and said you’d have to rebuy any existing UMD games you already own, and also that I would not be surprised if they closed down the homebrew loopholes that existed in the older model.

    I mean, I’ll be honest, I could probably count the number of PSP-only games I know of that I’d want on one hand, but still, Go doesn’t sound like it’s worth the dough.

  2. I bought mine mainly for Portable Ops and I would have honestly gotten it on the best model available at the time regardless of the pricing (I don’t stand on principle when Metal Gear is concerned). I’m fine with my 2000 and will probably stay that way for a long while. The Go’s not aimed at me, so I won’t pretend like it is. ‘Tis a bold attempt by Sony though, considering it is their fourth model trying to yank a lot of unwilling people (myself included) into the digital distribution era.

    >>> The ‘don’t, don’t, do its’ are awesome.

  3. corben says:

    I wouldn’t pick it up. I have my regular psp and sadly, the only appealing game for it recently is a re-release of Persona. A digital download and purchasing system of games you already own in one format just doesn’t seem right.

    Frankly, its the only system I own that actually feels like its going to waste, due to a lack of a game library of all things.

    • jenn says:

      You know, I really agree with all this, mostly.

      Still, though, I’m tempted by the PSP Go (errr, “PSPgo”) for the most bass-ackward reason: all my UMDs broke. Seriously. Everything I bought at launch, busted. Lumines? Darkstalkers? Wipeout Pure? (Errr, “wipEout: Pure”?) All were smashed in a bag because I, like a fool, bought these seemingly rad cases that only protected the slice of exposed disc—but, mind you, which did not ensure against the clear plastic insert on the top of each UMD collapsing in on the entire enclosure—and this brutal misstep, of course, resulted in none of my UMDs’ inner minidiscs spinning. GAAAH.

      Would I buy Lumines again? Sure! I have to, I guess! (Except that I own the same exact game for PS2 and 360 because I will instinctively buy any game I like over and over.) Would I buy it in digital download format, as opposed to purchasing yet another flimsy UMD? Hell yes; I’d prefer it! Because that shit breaks, man! There are only a couple ways you can break a digital download, and they won’t happen in my purse.

      • corben says:

        On the upside, you have really cool looking paper weights! And you’re not that lame, I bought Lumines on the 360 because it’s just more fun on a t.v.

        The one thing I appreciated about the UMDs is that I could rip them to a hard drive, which is exactly what I did, because those UMDs are surprisingly fragile and the games load faster when read off the hard drive. Thanks to the dropping price of hard drives, I’ve backed them all up, so I actually find the new delivery system to be more or less moot.

  4. arne says:

    I’m totally getting a PSP go. I have a PSP 1000, so I’d appreciate the fact that I can travel with it quite a bit easier than with what I have now. I know James says he’s on the fence, but I can guarantee you he’ll buy it too. haha.

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