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Sharkey explains it all

I do miss being in the office for Tokyo Game Show, because that’s usually when, bored out of our skulls, we’d bring out the little handheld cameras to make fairly insane videos.

1UP’s features editor (is that correct? I’m tired) and pal Scott Sharkey writes,

I happened to get it in my head to do this when everyone had jacked all the cameras and microphones to take to TGS, leaving me to work with a cameraphone and a Rock Band mic. Which kind of made the entire exercise a bit like jerking off with chopsticks.

The end conclusion of this little ditty is maybe a little reductive, but one of the points S.S. makes—that objectification of any video game character, male or female, is essentially for the benefit of its male player—seems pretty incisive.

Editor’s note: I realize “reductive” and “incisive” are antonymous! I believe in having it both ways!

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  1. Oh, Sharkey,... you are teh win.

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