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Feeling pretty good about my Detective Mosely disguise

My childhood bedroom’s door is broken, so that if it is shut all the way, it can only be opened from outside my room, in the hallway. “Well, you always wanted a lock on your door, remember?” Mom says. Ha, ha.

Recently I was locked in my own bedroom, and instead of making a racket, I made a phone call. Then I had to twitter about it: “Used cell phone to call people in other part of house to ask them to bust me out of my bedroom, which I was briefly locked inside of.”

Bob Mackey replied, “you just lived through an adventure game puzzle. congrats.”


And I thought that was a very sweet thing to say. I like playing adventure games because maybe if you play enough adventure games, you become this amazing, heroically resourceful person in your everyday life. For instance, last week, my friend Conci daringly escaped a room using olive oil. Honey on the cat hair makes a mustache!

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  1. Joe says:

    Holy cow, I saw this and I thought you were going to make a post about how Idle Thumbs podcast recently ended. It look like this little bit is all over the internet now. Awesome.

  2. This reminds me of having to find what random body part I have to wiggle in order to wake the rest of my body up from an SP episode. I guess that’s more like a indie horror game though, heh.

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