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The man behind the gears: Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

I live in the Metro Detroit area. It isn’t particularly well known as being a mecca of gaming, but we do have one of the finest, and weirdest, homages to gaming’s past within our lands.

San Franciscans have the Musee Mechanique.

We have Marvin’s.

The following is an interview I did with the business’s proprietor back in 2007. I wrote an article about it, but wasn’t writing for anything covering the beat. Having just found the article, however, I’ve touched it up a bit and provide to you the story of this odd little place tucked away in the suburbs of Farmington Hills.

Marvin Yagoda is a busy man.

Dressed in an off-white shirt and suspenders, Yagoda is moving all over the place as children and adults both crowd his workplace, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

“I’ve got three birthday parties today,” he tells me. He is working on a small television displaying the tale of the world’s tallest man.

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Daily Linksplosion: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Daily Linksplosion: Monday, December 28, 2009

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Daily Linksplosion: Friday, December 25, 2009

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FMV: when games weren’t very scary or suspenseful

I have never played 1996’s PC full-motion video nightmare Ripper, but I totally would have, had I only known Scott Cohen from the “10th Kingdom” television miniseries stars in the game! (Also: Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies, Christopher Walken, the late Ossie Davis, Burgess Meredith in his final fucking role, serial creep David Patrick Kelly, and of course, Paul Giamatti. What?)

Speaking of Toonstruck—I know we actually weren’t, I’m just changing the subject—I love that, beginning in 1993, Tim Curry and Mark Hamill apparently both decided to each try outdoing the other at Being in the Most Video Games Ever.

Anyway. Rumor has it Ripper is pretty OK, and God knows I love Gabriel Knight II, along with everybody. So now I am trying to think of other suspense/horror FMV PC games. There’s Tim Curry’s Frankenstein, the Phantasmagoria games (the sequel is supposedly SO AMAZING and trashy), and… And… How many games am I forgetting?

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P.P.S. No nerds!!!

Hmm. Smells hoaxy.


Here is the full text, for those of you who need to Google Translate (people in Germany), or alternatively, those of you who just noticed my screengrab sucks (me):

I’m looking for a girl who will give me a handjob / blowjob while wearing the Nintendo Power Glove. I’m dead serious. I would love this.

PS. That is not me in the photo. I am much more handsome.


Craigslist – the powerglove handjob – m4w via Phil Fish

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