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  1. obo says:

    The first Google hit for kudo tsunoda sunglasses:


    “What’s cooler than one Kudo? NINE KUDOS BITCHES!”

  2. Alex says:

    He has an eye condition like Bono, so he wears douche-y sunglasses.

    It’s true because I wrote it, and there’s a thread on NeoGAF where they believe it to be factual for half-a-page or so until someone notices a disclaimer in the footer saying that the things I wrote may be less than factual.

  3. Cyclops from the X-Men wears very stylish sunglasses because if doesn’t wear sunglasses he shoots laser beams out of his eyes. However I think he takes these sunglasses off to turn his eyes into an oven and microwave so he can eat a lot of cheese pizza with his friend Wolverine who is also from the X-Men.

  4. Jenn Frank says:

    Hey, all you Negative Nancies! I will have you know, I was fall-down delighted when Mr. Tsunoda added me on Facebook (Alex has never added me on Facebook), and then I was googling him so I could explain his pedigree to a friend. Then I saw “sunglasses,” and it dawned on me only then that he really is often photographed wearing sunglasses.

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