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Daily Linksplosion: Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kotaku – ‘Shop Contest: Politics As Usual

Because my sense of humor skews "innocently bizarre" and at least one ‘shop winner was too sick for my taste, #10 was my favorite. I know a girl who wears a baseball cap sideways a lot, and I really really like her, OK, but when she’s not looking I turn to D and whisper, "Paperboy calls it quits!"

Geek-Art.net – Geek Art Loves Junkboy’s Pixel Demakes

I’m just writing in to say how hard I would play Super Smash Bros and Soul Calibur IV on SNES, thanks. (via vikingfunk.tumblr.com)

terrible fan art
I’m not the girl you hoped I’d be – Mario stretched himself across space and time

I am so in love with my own Mario-Sonic slash fanfic I don’t know what to do with myself. Inspiration via fuckyeahterribleart.tumblr.com.

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