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Garth Marenghi’s ‘Darkplace’ for Intellivision

For the uninitiated, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace was produced for Channel 4 in the mid-80s—don’t you correct me—starring the esteemed horror novelist, Marenghi himself, in the main role. As Dr. Dagless, Marenghi will very quickly discover that there is something sinister lurking beneath Darkplace Hospital’s cheery exterior.

OK: the “charming anachronism retro demake cover art” trend is getting tired, but there is something appealing about a show-that-doesn’t-exist spinning off into a game-that-doesn’t-exist. It’s so postmodern! Here, illustrator and noted retro gamer John Calcano accompanies his box art with a pixel-perfect, Intellivision-quality screenshot.

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  1. Kevin Bunch says:

    I really want to hear an Intellivision rendition of the Darkplace theme song, now.

  2. Michael Brown says:

    Oh my god I LOVE Darkplace. Pity the friend who borrowed my DVD has had it for about three years now and I don’t think he intends to return it. Why do I let people borrow (or even touch) my stuff?


    You truly are a highlander (Scottish person)

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