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On death, motherhood, and ‘Creatures’

Kotaku - Playing God: On Death, Motherhood and Creating (Artificial) Life

I picked a pretty opportune moment to start writing for Unwinnable: it was the site’s “Death Week,” and if there is one thing I love to think about, it’s death.

One night I finally settled on an idea for “Death Week,” drank some beers, and wrote an article. It’s like a much shorter version of some of the longest articles I’ve done, so it was an interesting experiment. I really enjoyed writing it! I was comparatively concise!

You can read it at its real home, Unwinnable, or you might read it at Kotaku, where the heroic Kirk Hamilton has republished it. I recommend reading it at Unwinnable if only because I wrote it specifically for Unwinnable, but at Kotaku there is the benefit of the influx of comments. I love this. I already know what my article sounds like, so the real interest, for me, will be in what others say. When there are all these simultaneities in experience, I get really happy. So far the comments are really inspiring.

Finally—and I mentioned his article before, but—Mark Serrels’ piece for Kotaku Australia went a long way in influencing the piece I wrote, too. When I described his article last week, I started talking about my fear of kids, and this has probably continued to haunt me till now.

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  1. Jake says:

    Aaaaaaaaaamazing. Amazing!

    I’d like to know: Outside of parenting – outside of all the fear and responsibility and endless commitment – how well do you get along with the youngsters?

    • Jenn Frank says:

      Great! Noticeably great! But kids like me because I think they zero in on how arrested I am, in this way that isn’t perfectly obvious to adults. Like, one time some parents invited me to stay overnight, the kids were having so much fun with me around, and I felt a vague horror but I also wanted to leave and smoke some cigarettes, you know? And also I get so tired. I can’t believe how tired kids make me, and I am so scared of losing my cool with kids or having a temper.

      I make a lot of jokes about hating kids, but I don’t. I really enjoyed substitute teaching, and I still think about how much I liked being able to just swoop in and back out. Not long enough to get tired or exhausted or ruin anything?

      OK this is too much navel-gazing so I will back away slowly

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