Oops! At its inception, Infinite Lives was meant to be a catalogue of books about video games, with book reviews and piddling interviews published every once in awhile. What an invaluable resource that could be, we marveled to ourselves! We wrote one nice blurb about a back-issue of some zine, then conceded failure.

Someday we’ll register yet another domain name and try that again. For now, however, we are interested in that funny little overlap between video games, the humanities, and popular culture.

Ms. Frank graduated from Northwestern with a fancy fiction writing degree in 2004 and began reviewing for Electronic Gaming Monthly in 2005. In 2006, she moved to San Francisco, where she was 1UP.com’s Community Manager and frequent Retronauts guest until Spring 2008. She has written exactly one feature for Wired’s GameLife and two for Kill Screen Magazine. In February 2010, she guest-edited GameSetWatch. She writes a column for Unwinnable. She currently divides her time between Chicago and Texas.

Mr. Bunch is an avid gamer and freelance writer based near Detroit. You can usually find him on the Digital Press forums pretty easily.

Questions? Recommendations? Contributions? You may email or IM J. Frank directly at “jenn at infinite lives dot net.”

Admittedly, we're asleep right now.