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Linksplosion: T-shirts, ‘Hefty Seamstress’, and more

Screenshot: "I'm no genius": Heavy Seamstress in action

I’d promised to write something, anything!, for Artifice Books, but its editor Tadd was not too sure about my very first pitch, a catalogue of movie clips in which women get punched in the face.

So I scrapped that plan, and instead I have written on the subject of George Buckenham and Jonathan Whiting’s Hefty Seamstress. I recommend playing the game, too (it’s over here).

A screenshot from 'The Sea will Claim Everything'

I got a really nice, personalized press email from “Gnome”—his real name is Konstantinos Dimopoulos, I’ve just learned!—and he is campaigning hard for the Bundle-in-a-Box Adventure Games bundle. As with many other bundles, this collection is pay-what-you-like; not only are seven games included, a copy of the well-received Ben There, Dan That! is in the mix. Why, yes, the games are DRM-free, since you were wondering. In the meantime, the Bundle-in-a-Box heralds the launch of The Sea Will Claim Everything. All this can be yours for just hundreds of pennies! PC adventure gamers, you can’t beat that!

How They Died by Aled Lewis

Aled Lewis’s “How They Died” is now available as a T-shirt.

Photo: New Buff Monster minis look a lot like Katamari

I’m not sure Buff Monster’s new series of minis is supposed to look like Katamari, but ALBOTAS is right to make the comparison anyway.

Foldschool Heroes: turn classic systems into papercraft

Foldskool Heroes (via it8bit) is a downloadable template that you can turn into custom papercraft of your own. I really like this! It sort of reminds me of those blank vinyl Soopa Coin-Up Bros figurines.

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Linksplosion: Martin Amis, ‘Minecraft,’ and Emporium Bar Arcade

Hello and hi. I collected a couple links a couple days ago, but I hadn’t yet posted them—until now! Lucky you!

  • Joystiq – Minecraft building blocks (via Metafilter.

    The correct reaction is “what the—”

  • Eater – Emporium Arcade Bar Opening in March

    A Barcade-style barcade is coming to Chicago, and everyone is freaking out:

    Expect a focus on Midwestern and local beer with half of the beer on tap always being from the Midwest. The plan is to rotate their selection often, so there will always be new brews to try. There will also be a large whiskey list, with a selection of standard and upscale varieties. A full bar will be available as well and there may be more specialty cocktails down the line.

  • Writer Martin Amis once penned a video-game near-classic, Invasion of the Space Invaders. The Millions has a review of the book (via Slate).

    Photo: Martin Amis's 'Space Invaders'

    Since the book is impossible to buy used, some Good Samaritan is publishing Amis’s book’s very best lines as a Twitter feed.


Yoshi Mech (with flip-top nose)

Ten months since the debut of his Mario Mech (which I blogged about at GameSetWatch, here), Donald Kennedy unveils its sequel, the Yoshi Mech.

Maybe the Best Thing about this particular customization is the robot’s flip-top snout, revealing Yoshi’s inner workings—the command center along the back wall was reappropriated from a Playmobil police station, Donald writes, while Little Yoshi’s laptop-console was ganked from a LEGO set.

“I can’t wait to do another,” Donald writes. “I think Luigi may be next.”


KodyKoala’s “Bowser Claus”

Did you know Macy’s department store is already decorated? It is.

So it’s no surprise that custom toy artist Donald Kennedy of KodyKoala (see also, also, and also) is gearing up for the holiday season!

I admit, I like the name Bowser Claus, but I would have been more likely to go with “Koopa Kringle.”


Awesome custom Samus at LA’s Toy Art Gallery

That incredible Samus Aran figurine (with LIGHT-UP HELMET and CANNON ARM) is, bafflingly, a customized Celsius vinyl toy, executed by artist Dave Quiles. Look at the details on her Varia suit!

This lovely bounty hunter is just one custom vinyl toy at the Ganmettal Celsius Custom Show, which opened July 10 at LA’s Toy Art Gallery.

The show also featured at least one Mega Man custom (well, duh, right?).


New toys from PaRappa the Rapper artist

Last week, I was pretty startled by the sudden appearance of two new Kidrobot plush bears (PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha) right here in my workplace.

Maybe I didn’t quite recognize them immediately, but each of these heavy-lidded teddies is based on the art of one Rodney Greenblat, better known to video game-goers as the guy behind the distinctive look of PaRappa the Rapper and UmJammer Lammy.

PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha retail at about US$30 each.

Last-instant edit: Damn! GameSetWatch totally covered this yesterday.


Daily Linksplosion: Monday, December 28, 2009

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Wario: Bigger, burlier, purpler

Following up on his nightmarishly awesome Mushroom Kingdom on Crack action figures, toysmith Donald of KodyKoala returns with a custom Wario action figure. And this villain is built like the Bluto of brick shithouses—Mario and Peach better watch out.


“I never realized how feminine a guy could look with purple overalls,” Donald writes at his blog, “until I started to paint him. Luckily I was able to darken up the purple, and make it a bit more masculine.”


‘Mushroom Kingdom on Crack’ custom toys can’t be unseen


Donald of KodyKoala is a formidably prolific crafter; his more recent custom Animal Crossing Qees are as cute as pie.

But Donald’s “Mushroom Kingdom on Crack” custom trio of action figures are absolutely terrifying. Filed under “nightmares.”

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Metroid amigurumi by Deadcraft

Nissie of Deadcraft made a ton of incredible Metroid amigurumi last year for a customer, and I didn’t know about it (this seems to be the trend).


Nissie also handcrafted the absolute cutest little metroid you’ve ever seen.

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‘Dr. Mario Virus’ custom dunny trio


You know, if I read the Roto Forums every day like I claim I do, I would’ve known about and lusted for these Reactor-88 custom dunnies way back in March errr, three weeks ago. Like, at least.


Scarygirl game ready for lift-off

In the comments, Touch My Pixel’s Tarwin Stroh-Spijer says,

The [Scarygirl] game is almost ready to play (going through final approvals), but in the meantime we’ve got this juicy final trailer for you, which should show a lot more of the game than you saw last time.

The Melbourne-based Touch My Pixel team has worked well over a year to bring the art (and toys) of Nathan Jurevicius to life. Scarygirl, a browser-based 2D platformer, will star everyone’s favorite eyepatched heroine in 14 levels of gameplay—which include, according to Tarwin, “platforming and adventure elements, as well as physics-based bike riding and even a street Street Fighter style fighting game.”

I cannot wait for this to come out.

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Ness custom munny

Ness munny custom

My ol’ pal Albert just finished his custom munny of Ness, the kid from EarthBound.

It’s actually totally spot-on. I love the tiny backpack, too.

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Castle Crashers custom vinyl toys

You probably already saw these on Kotaku and Vinyl Abuse, but because I love them, here they are again: CASTLE CRASHERS TOYS.

The artist decided to customize vinyl Teddy Troops figures. With the Troops’ faces smoothed over with Sculpey, they bear (hur!) an uncanny resemblance to the heroes of Castle Crashers. Aside from the Knights’ admirably strong brows, I think the renderings of the little pets are the best part.

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TGS 2008 – Phoenix Wright action figures

No more toys! I insisted to myself last week. I was miserable. My bedroom, once spotless, is now cluttered with lidless boxes, each one full of tiny gashapon. I’d simply shelve the toys, but my shelves are already unhappily stacked with boxes full of Toy Collection 2006.

Poorhouse, meet my total lack of resolve. Because here they are, folks: ridiculously articulated figures from the Gyakuten Saiban series (including Ema Skye and Trucy, both from Apollo Justice).

Ema is my favorite. Forensic science is rad, and look how detailed her satchel is.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these, but no word yet on when, where, or how.

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