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High-flying, mustachioed tanooki

Most shirt designs that appear on the Threadless voting block do not thrill me—do people not understand the concept of color palette limitations?—but I would wear this stylized Tanooki across my heart, absolutely. (Except for, where are his testicles, but on the other hand, I probably would not want to explain my t-shirt’s ponderous ballsack all day long, so never mind.)


Kitchen FPS

Sweden-based illustrator Mattias Adolfsson depicts an easier, domestic sort of horror in this drawing in his Moleskine, “First person shooter.”

“The weapon to the right is a Norwegian cheese slicer,” Mattias explains, “Norway’s contribution to world civilization.”

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Faceless sex symbol


“i have done nothing wrong but you are still going to destroy me”

John Campbell’s Pictures for Sad Children comic strip is not very uplifting:


Donkey Kong battles Mario in Bowser’s castle

“Donkey Kong vs. Super Mario Bros,” a videogame mashup by Daruma Studio. (See also: Death Star Assault.)


LEGO Robot Unicorn, kind of

Flickr user au_riverhorse’s LEGO art is outstanding, but this particular work seems especially evocative of Robot Unicorn Attack. So let’s pretend that it’s games-related, then!

And another rad thing: LEGO Minesweeper.


Mortal Kombat on Paper

Eric Power is a filmmaker. A lot of his animations are about video games.

(Also to enjoy: Zelda on Paper, Resident Evil Paper, and so much more.)

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Trubble Club: Scenes from a Mall

In the newest collaborative effort from Chicago’s own Trubble Club, the Hot Topic Counter Girl is playing some kind of 2D heart-smashing platformer.


Awesome custom Samus at LA’s Toy Art Gallery

That incredible Samus Aran figurine (with LIGHT-UP HELMET and CANNON ARM) is, bafflingly, a customized Celsius vinyl toy, executed by artist Dave Quiles. Look at the details on her Varia suit!

This lovely bounty hunter is just one custom vinyl toy at the Ganmettal Celsius Custom Show, which opened July 10 at LA’s Toy Art Gallery.

The show also featured at least one Mega Man custom (well, duh, right?).


New toys from PaRappa the Rapper artist

Last week, I was pretty startled by the sudden appearance of two new Kidrobot plush bears (PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha) right here in my workplace.

Maybe I didn’t quite recognize them immediately, but each of these heavy-lidded teddies is based on the art of one Rodney Greenblat, better known to video game-goers as the guy behind the distinctive look of PaRappa the Rapper and UmJammer Lammy.

PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha retail at about US$30 each.

Last-instant edit: Damn! GameSetWatch totally covered this yesterday.


Fred Edison and friends

Maniac Mansion’s Edison family, via Mondo Pixel

Also, completely unrelated: new podcast alert! A link to it, inexplicably bulleted, is below.

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Let’s pretend this is Tumblr #2

(I’m not made of Time, people.)


(via lunaticdreams)

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Let’s pretend this is Tumblr



Christoph Niemann


Mark Ellis:Prince Holds the Katamari on His Shoulders

Academy of Art University class project. Bronze on wax. Process shots and info here.



FEZ FAQ | Polytron Corporation


Bill Mudron’s Nintendo book has a cover now

I am just going to assume everyone knows about how Nintendo started out as a playing card company. Right?

So anyway, Bill Mudron, who is a reputable artist and my third or fourth -favorite person in the world, is working on some weird Nintendo history thing, I don’t know. Looks like a book or something. He just uploaded a book jacket to his Flickr. Whatever.


Unused ‘Rez’ concept art


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