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Daily Linksplosion: Monday, December 28, 2009

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Daily Linksplosion: Friday, December 25, 2009

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Feeling pretty good about my Detective Mosely disguise

My childhood bedroom’s door is broken, so that if it is shut all the way, it can only be opened from outside my room, in the hallway. “Well, you always wanted a lock on your door, remember?” Mom says. Ha, ha.

Recently I was locked in my own bedroom, and instead of making a racket, I made a phone call. Then I had to twitter about it: “Used cell phone to call people in other part of house to ask them to bust me out of my bedroom, which I was briefly locked inside of.”

Bob Mackey replied, “you just lived through an adventure game puzzle. congrats.”


And I thought that was a very sweet thing to say. I like playing adventure games because maybe if you play enough adventure games, you become this amazing, heroically resourceful person in your everyday life. For instance, last week, my friend Conci daringly escaped a room using olive oil. Honey on the cat hair makes a mustache!

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Wario: Bigger, burlier, purpler

Following up on his nightmarishly awesome Mushroom Kingdom on Crack action figures, toysmith Donald of KodyKoala returns with a custom Wario action figure. And this villain is built like the Bluto of brick shithouses—Mario and Peach better watch out.


“I never realized how feminine a guy could look with purple overalls,” Donald writes at his blog, “until I started to paint him. Luckily I was able to darken up the purple, and make it a bit more masculine.”


Felted Game Boy case for your mobile phone

Katja makes iPhone cases from felt. This one looks like a Game Boy.


These little phone pockets are already sold out at her etsy shop but, Katja writes, “Don’t be afraid to contact me if it’s already sold—I have tooooooons of them.”

Not yet sold out: an iPhone case sporting a mustache.

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Are we not men? Scott C’s ‘Devo Invaders’


More charming watercolors from Scott C. (of Double Fine!). I love how Mark Mothersbaugh gets to carry the whip!

If you’re in the LA area, you can catch “Quiet Storm,” a group exhibition of which Mr. Campbell is a part.

Quiet Storm
May 26-June 18
Gallery 1988 Los Angeles
7020 Melrose Avenue


‘Secret Codes’ by Ray Fenwick


I have long held that cheat codes are magical, so I was really struck by this little doodle.

The one problem with scoping art out on Tumblr is, it’s often really hard to back-navigate to its source. So: I have no idea who the illustrator is. Does this sketch ring a bell with anyone?

Update: Ah! The artist’s name is Ray Fenwick. His Hall of Best Knowledge was published last year by Fantagraphics; later this year, you can pick up “Fuck You and Your Blog,” a pretty little journal suitable for gift-giving.


Psychonauts art in this month’s PLAY Magazine


PLAY Magazine commissioned this awesome Psychonauts art for their May issue. It’s illustrated by Rob Duenas, PLAY’s newly-appointed ‘chief illustrator’, with colors by Argentine comic book artist Diego Rodriguez.

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‘Mushroom Kingdom on Crack’ custom toys can’t be unseen


Donald of KodyKoala is a formidably prolific crafter; his more recent custom Animal Crossing Qees are as cute as pie.

But Donald’s “Mushroom Kingdom on Crack” custom trio of action figures are absolutely terrifying. Filed under “nightmares.”

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Doki Turnip Panic

San Francisco -based artist Winona Nelson specializes in video game character design and concept art. Which almost explains this incredible piece:


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Metroid amigurumi by Deadcraft

Nissie of Deadcraft made a ton of incredible Metroid amigurumi last year for a customer, and I didn’t know about it (this seems to be the trend).


Nissie also handcrafted the absolute cutest little metroid you’ve ever seen.

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LTTP: gorgeous, surreal game art by Orioto

It isn’t exactly new, but it’s new to me!

DeviantARTist Mikaël Aguirre’s smudgy, painterly, absolutely surreal game art has gotten some press before, but his latest desktop wallpaper, “Toxic Planet,” is much too gorgeous to pass up mentioning.

Of the piece, Aguirre (AKA Orioto) explains: “It was basically a Nausicaä take at Metroid!” I think it was a success.


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‘Dr. Mario Virus’ custom dunny trio


You know, if I read the Roto Forums every day like I claim I do, I would’ve known about and lusted for these Reactor-88 custom dunnies way back in March errr, three weeks ago. Like, at least.


Wear silly hats.

And the number one way to market your indie game? “Wear silly hats,” recommends Phil Fish.



Scarygirl game ready for lift-off

In the comments, Touch My Pixel’s Tarwin Stroh-Spijer says,

The [Scarygirl] game is almost ready to play (going through final approvals), but in the meantime we’ve got this juicy final trailer for you, which should show a lot more of the game than you saw last time.

The Melbourne-based Touch My Pixel team has worked well over a year to bring the art (and toys) of Nathan Jurevicius to life. Scarygirl, a browser-based 2D platformer, will star everyone’s favorite eyepatched heroine in 14 levels of gameplay—which include, according to Tarwin, “platforming and adventure elements, as well as physics-based bike riding and even a street Street Fighter style fighting game.”

I cannot wait for this to come out.

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