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Handmade, one-of-a-kind Nintendo jewelry

This guy makes Nintendo jewelry, hand-wrought from gold and sterling, for himself, his girlfriend, and less often, for very close friends. Most of these pieces—including the heartbreakingly beautiful D-pad necklace—are one-offs, never to be forged again. Look, and weep.

Edit: A friend just asked me what “the thing in the middle is supposed to be.” It is so obviously a metroid, hello? So I just thought I’d clarify here, too: it’s a metroid.

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Spore T-shirts and posters

Youngest of 436 Kids Spore promo poster

Via Laughing Squid: Feast your eyes on these high-contrast Spore Creature Silhouette designs, which are available on both T-shirts and promotional posters through

Because the official Spore store is powered by Zazzle, you can also upload your own Spore creature, then make a custom T-shirt, coffee mug, or postage stamp.


Can’t tear my eyes away from Mazemod streaming radio station

With the hopefully-temporary dissolution of my beloved Muxtape, I’ve found myself relying on other streaming music sites and services.

But I was completely unprepared for Mazemod.

More like AMAZE mod! Apart from the fact that I had no idea how completely rad Amiga chip music is, look at this website! Let’s face it: this is what William Gibson thought the internet would look like.

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“An interview with the designer of Braid”

Chainsawsuit is a pretty weird comic. It isn’t specifically a comic about video games, but its author does play games. He also thinks about cooking, doctors, and Superman.

This strip is from last week. I like it a lot.

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Icon Watch makes me want to wear a watch

Ooh, what a great find.

Icon watch

Never mind the existential agony of the ‘wait’ icon: this is top-notch design. It’s US$89.00—a lot of dough, but worth it, I think.

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‘i am 8-bit’ sure knows how to market itself

Thanks to Destructoid’s sister site Tomopop, I finally know what those gorgeous papercraft arcade machines by Scott Campbell (of Double Fine!) were for.

Eating Man papercraft flier

i am 8-bit papercraft flier

Rich People papercraft flier

Trawn papercraft flier

They are, in fact, collectible fliers to promote this year’s i am 8-bit gallery show, which launched last night. I am so jealous! Admittedly, it would be easy enough to pick up a complete set of papercraft fliers, were I currently located in Los Angeles. Maybe I will beg my SoCal friends to hunt down a complete set and carefully pack the stack of fliers in a nice, stiff envelope and mail the whole thing to my apartment (HINT, HINT).

Of course, this isn’t the only way i am 8-bit is promoting the current gallery show. In keeping with the ‘scavenger hunt’ theme, a bunch of artists (including Space Invader and Joe Ledbetter) have hidden miniature canvasses with their art all over LA’s great outdoors. You can still find—and steal!—a bunch of them.


Yummy pixel art abounds in Super Oors World

Super Oors World, a comic strip that makes use of adorable pixel sprites and backgrounds, is the twisted (but lovely) work of Jonathan Silvestre. Each “comic book” is presented as a PDF download. This method of distribution irked me at first—I’m a little lazy and prefer browser-based whatevers—but I soon realized I liked the almost-tactile comic book feel of the PDF as I scrolled through. Shows me!

The hero of each strip is a grumpy, sleeping bear. The first episode, Princess SOS, is really terrific and hilariously twee. Here are frames from Princess SOS’s introduction:

Super Oors World, page 1

Super Oors World, page 2

Super Oors World, page 3

From there, our ursine hero embarks on an epic quest to rescue the princess, who is locked in a tower at a Bowser-like castle. Will Super Oors succeed? Only your computer’s copy of Adobe Acrobat knows for sure!

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LittleBigPlanet Character Creation Competition

Don’t Panic, in association with Sony, has launched the LittleBigPlanet Character Creation Competition!

Sackboy ‘Chinese Opera’ design by jetoaster

In this contest, entrants create designs for the game’s Sackboy and Sackgirl characters. To compete, simply download a Sackboy template, doodle on top of it, and submit! Not only will the prizewinner receive a PS3 and a copy of the game, he can also look forward to limited fame and moderate notoriety: the winning character design will be included in Sony’s UK marketing blitz.

Maybe more thrillingly, Vinyl Abuse has announced they will turn their own favorite entry into a limited-edition six-inch figure.

The top ten entries will be determined by user votes; from there, the winning entry will be decided by Don’t Panic’s judges. So even the artistically disinclined can participate in the competition by voting. The competition closes on August 4, so hurry!

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It’s always six o’clock

Art duo Eva and Franco Mattes—AKA 0100101110101101.ORG—are the minds behind It’s always six o’clock. Each work in the exhibit conveys childlike mementos in unexpectedly violent ways. The overall effect is a little like what might happen if my old office cubicle exploded in an art gallery, but with more harmony and gravitas.

Lilliputia redux (my title, not theirs)

Redux redux

The show is on display at MU until June 29, so if you’re in the Netherlands in the next two days, you could drop in edit: I just realized that June was last month, and that I am exhausted.

I knew I vaguely recognized the artists’ names, and sure enough: their 13 Most Beautiful Avatars, a rumination on beauty within Second Life, was exhibited at a New York gallery in 2006.

Eva and Franco Mattes also exhibit what they call “synthetic performances” using their Second Life avatars. Each performance, in turn, is streamed live to a real-world audience.

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Famicom cart customizations

Cosmos, a Famicom concept piece by Dan Kato

Eagle-eyed Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku discovered My Famicase Exhibition, an online gallery of cartridges for made-up Famicom games. Each artist was apparently invited to dream up a video game, then create concept art to go onto his Famicom cart’s label. Be sure to take a look at the full online gallery—there isn’t a bad one in the bunch.

(A link near the bottom of the gallery points to Project F, the folks behind the homebrew Famicom cart Mr. Splashy. I wonder what part Project F played in My Famicase Exhibition. Hmm.)

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‘i am 8-bit’ paper sculptures by Scott C

I think I like papercraft because it reminds me of paper dolls and junior high love letters.

i am 8-bit paper arcade machine trawn paper arcade machine

These lovely paper sculptures by Scott Campbell (of Double Fine!) are perfect little odes to arcade gaming. I have a hunch—and remember, this is only a guess—that these sculptures are part of a larger paper landscape, to be exhibited at the fourth annual i am 8-bit gallery show. As always, the show promises to feature exciting new art with retro sensibilities.

i am 8-bit opens August 14 at the World of Wonder in Hollywood, California.

Incidentally, the Virtual Boy launched on August 14, 1995. I know this because my birthday is August 14.

i am 8-bit
August 14 – September 7, 2008
World of Wonder
6650 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

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Just wait’ll Nyko sees this

Someone once nearly convinced me that I had singlehandedly invented Cooking Mama for Wii and the useless tennis racquet add-on, and that I was therefore owed a royalty check.

I am still annoyed by the Wii MotionPlus announcement—apparently, the most usefulness any add-on can supply is functionality the Wii remote was already supposed to have—and as a result, I am enormously entertained by the following:

Wii Whisk Wii Scissors


This week’s Monday Miracle: Retro Reality

This week’s Monday Miracle is Retro Reality, in which 16-year old Lee Vidal cleverly superimposes game sprites atop real-world locations.

“Retro Tower: Donkey Kong,” my favorite image manipulation from the series, is below:

Retro Tower: Donkey Kong, by Lee Vidal

It’s well worth noting that the stock photographs Vidal employs as backgrounds are absolutely ghastly. Somehow, the blandness of the photos makes them perfect for reappropriation as the game sprites’ playgrounds.

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Soopa Coin-Up Bros.

Recent reconnoitering of the Rotofugi webstore turned up this gem. Erick Scarecrow’s Soopa Coin-Up Bros. figure Soopa Coin-Up Bros DIY toy at Rotofugi.comis, essentially, an arcade cabinet with feet. And at US$30, it is blank and consummate for the stroke of your genius.

To accommodate the less artistic, of course, Soopa comes prepackaged with lots of stickers.

But prepare to be totally inspired! More than 30 gorgeous custom figures were exhibited at the “Soopa Show” (which coincided with New York Comic Con this past April). Most of those Soopa customs are truly works of art, to be sure, but Jude Buffum’s “Cock Blocker” is maybe the raddest:

Cock Blocker by Jude Buffum

Splendid! (The i am 8-bit curator already bought it.)


Shawn Smith’s DIY plush toy: launching tonight!

The Ninjatown cast of characters is already pretty diverse: there’s a Zombie Ninja, an Anti-Ninja, even a Baby Ninja. But what if you could design your own ninja? A Chef Ninja, a Bunny Ninja, a Ninja Librarian…?

Plushform Launch Event and Gallery Exhibit - flyer

Shawn Smith’s Plushform is a blank, customizable canvas, a DIY ‘plush’ toy that shares the Wee Ninja’s iconic silhouette. And at 20 bucks, he’s pretty cheap.

Plushform launches tonight, June 27, at Rotofugi in Chicago. For the event, artists from around the world have customized their own Plushform, which will be on exhibit in the store’s gallery space. If you live in or near Chicago, there’s really no excuse to not go.

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store and Gallery
1955 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago
June 27, 6-9 P.M. (CST)



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