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Linksplosion: T-shirts, ‘Hefty Seamstress’, and more

Screenshot: "I'm no genius": Heavy Seamstress in action

I’d promised to write something, anything!, for Artifice Books, but its editor Tadd was not too sure about my very first pitch, a catalogue of movie clips in which women get punched in the face.

So I scrapped that plan, and instead I have written on the subject of George Buckenham and Jonathan Whiting’s Hefty Seamstress. I recommend playing the game, too (it’s over here).

A screenshot from 'The Sea will Claim Everything'

I got a really nice, personalized press email from “Gnome”—his real name is Konstantinos Dimopoulos, I’ve just learned!—and he is campaigning hard for the Bundle-in-a-Box Adventure Games bundle. As with many other bundles, this collection is pay-what-you-like; not only are seven games included, a copy of the well-received Ben There, Dan That! is in the mix. Why, yes, the games are DRM-free, since you were wondering. In the meantime, the Bundle-in-a-Box heralds the launch of The Sea Will Claim Everything. All this can be yours for just hundreds of pennies! PC adventure gamers, you can’t beat that!

How They Died by Aled Lewis

Aled Lewis’s “How They Died” is now available as a T-shirt.

Photo: New Buff Monster minis look a lot like Katamari

I’m not sure Buff Monster’s new series of minis is supposed to look like Katamari, but ALBOTAS is right to make the comparison anyway.

Foldschool Heroes: turn classic systems into papercraft

Foldskool Heroes (via it8bit) is a downloadable template that you can turn into custom papercraft of your own. I really like this! It sort of reminds me of those blank vinyl Soopa Coin-Up Bros figurines.

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High-flying, mustachioed tanooki

Most shirt designs that appear on the Threadless voting block do not thrill me—do people not understand the concept of color palette limitations?—but I would wear this stylized Tanooki across my heart, absolutely. (Except for, where are his testicles, but on the other hand, I probably would not want to explain my t-shirt’s ponderous ballsack all day long, so never mind.)



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Ahab takes on Moby Dick


A new challenger appears! And it’s… a whale? A great, white whale? On a T-shirt? Yep, on a T-shirt.


Just in time for game’s 25th anniversary: cute European Tetris shirt

So laFraise is basically the European Threadless: aspiring designers submit potential T-shirt designs, and the winning art is printed in gratifyingly limited runs.

just a game

I have no idea what is happening on this shirt, but I like it.

At €19, it’s pretty expensive (US$27, in fact!), but—well, no, OK, I just confirmed that’s how much it costs to have 5-7 colors hand-screened by Spreadshirt. So I guess it… isn’t… that expensive.

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Mishka’s custom Street Fighter cabinet

I’m in a rush—why am I up! Why am I on my laptop, even?—so I’ll let Chris Person, who has been tearing up NYC to find the perfect T-shirt, do the talking. He writes,

Aside from hitting up UNIQLO Friday for Phoenix Wright shirt goodness, I actually went to check out the newly opened storefront for the fitted-hat and stylish streetwear aficionados at Mishka. Lo and behold, what did they have there? Oh nothing, just some cool clothes and the most awesome-ist custom-painted Street Fighter II cabinet ever, set to free play.



D20 necklace

I realize it must seem as though I sent Infinite Lives to the cornfields during GDC, but in reality, I have been planning my BIG MOVE to Chicago! Ahhhh: It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about Chicago, and then moving out of it. (Well, and also, planning a bridal shower, doing some web-work, doing gory makeup for a film shoot, and having the flu—there’s no telling when Infinite Lives will normalize again, frankly.)

I haven’t entirely abandoned the site, of course! In fact, in the interest of supporting it, I have been toying with a banner ad slash affiliate program called Project Wonderful. And while Project Wonderful doesn’t generate enough revenue for me to wholeheartedly recommend it, I do think it’s cool that I (yes! Me!) am able to basically pick and choose whose ads cycle through the little square on the right.

And I can’t wait to run this one ad for D20 necklaces.


Apparently, she has twenty-sided dice available in most every color of the rainbow, to be strung onto silver-plated ball chains, satin cords, or keyrings. And don’t get me started on the 42 earrings.

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T-shirt Thursday: Everyone’s doing it, so why don’t we?

I’ve been thinking a lot about T-shirts lately.

That is to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to pay for Infinite Lives. And if you think of a niche blog as, um, a college radio station, the answers to your funding questions are: yes, a phone-a-thon; a grant from Annie May Swift, ideally; people who will work for free, of course; lots of free press in Spin magazine; a T-shirt!

The going will be tough, though. Everyone and his mom has a T-shirt, after all. Today, Phil Fish’s Polytron Corporation announced their brand new T-shirt shopthis design is so, so wearable.


And Flashbang Studios tweeted their overdue design for the Off-Road Velociraptor Safari tee. I’d wear it!

But more importantly, what would you wear?

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8-Bit Investigation: Gruesome, or awesome?

I don’t remember how I ended up with Aled Lewis’s illustrations open in a Firefox tab—I probably followed a delicious link or twitter tweet in the middle of the night—but here it was the next morning, still on my laptop, being all awesome.

Aled’s game-themed art and T-shirts are rad. (Even his decidedly ungeeky designs, like Freaks in the Funhouse and Mexican Standoff, are pretty excellent.)

8-Bit Investigation at

But this one: this one is the one I want. Because I like crime shows and Law and Order and TV about forensics and Police Quest adventure games and morbidity. I would totally play this shirt. And it’s on sale! Nine measly bucks for a girls’ XS or XL! (Sorry, boys—maybe they’ll reprint it.)

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Another Space Invaders T-shirt

Yup, another.

Actually. I’m trying to sound surly, but the truth is, I’ll never get sick of these.


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The other 8-Bit Jesus

Let me stress that this is actually connected in no way to the earlier post about 8-Bit Christmas music.

But a quick google of “8-Bit Jesus” brought me to this CafePress store, heralding the apocalypse. Was it a joke? I had to find out.

The 8-Bit Jesus homepage clarifies:

These charming, respectful images are the ultimate attire for anyone who loves classic video games. 8-Bit Jesus is distinctive, but not preachy. Irony-compatible, too, if that’s your thing!

So there you have it. They’re earnest, but atheists officially have the makers’ permission to think they’re cool too.

Shirt designs include Godtris, Sign of the Cross Combo (up, down, left, right), and—this is kind of my favorite—Jesus Saves.

Right? It’s kind of Castlevania-ey. Jesus is all, “You don’t belong in this world!” And Satan’s all, “What is man?” Beautiful, beautiful.

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Handmade, one-of-a-kind Nintendo jewelry

This guy makes Nintendo jewelry, hand-wrought from gold and sterling, for himself, his girlfriend, and less often, for very close friends. Most of these pieces—including the heartbreakingly beautiful D-pad necklace—are one-offs, never to be forged again. Look, and weep.

Edit: A friend just asked me what “the thing in the middle is supposed to be.” It is so obviously a metroid, hello? So I just thought I’d clarify here, too: it’s a metroid.

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Spore T-shirts and posters

Youngest of 436 Kids Spore promo poster

Via Laughing Squid: Feast your eyes on these high-contrast Spore Creature Silhouette designs, which are available on both T-shirts and promotional posters through

Because the official Spore store is powered by Zazzle, you can also upload your own Spore creature, then make a custom T-shirt, coffee mug, or postage stamp.


Icon Watch makes me want to wear a watch

Ooh, what a great find.

Icon watch

Never mind the existential agony of the ‘wait’ icon: this is top-notch design. It’s US$89.00—a lot of dough, but worth it, I think.

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Aquaria Cosplay

I have been waiting for, like, ever, for Aquaria to be ported to Mac. It’s this brilliant indie adventure sidescroller that, at the beginning, looks and feels a little like Ecco. Naija, the heroine, is a green-skinned creature with a pixie haircut and cute webbed feet.


Naija Cosplay!


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