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On games of chance and “cheating”

This Christmas I told my mother about Mohan Srivastava, some dude I first started thinking about ten-and-a-half months ago. Back then I’d written some diary thingie about “cheating,” “stealing,” and “cons.” The February 2011 issue of Wired was about all those things, too—the magazine had included an article about Mohan Srivastava—and reading the magazine was […]

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On games, comics, narrativity, and time

From a longwinded, boring diary entry wherein I transcribe notes on a panel/Q&A/lecture with comix author Chris Ware, dated May 9, 2010: That is because comics use space instead of time (McCloud, Understanding Comics). Also, speaking of space-as-time, as the eye travels from (in our English-speaking world) left to right, the eye’s spatial movement conveys […]


Castle of Illusion

I am going to try something new—just this once, I promise. I’ve been thinking about Austin all wrong. I grew up in Texas, so Austin makes me panic. I’ve long thought of the state’s best city as my Other Andersonville, a fantasy wonderland where my high school classmates are hiding behind trees on street corners, […]

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Bookwatch: The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy

Another one for the Backburner. And what a find! 61 Frames Per Second’s Cole Stryker located a real gem of a book title, The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy. Stryker notes that this is actually just one title in a larger series in which essayists hunt for deeper meanings in ubiquitous pop culture icons (The […]


“Playing God” at Threadless

Video game -themed shirts are a dime-a-dozen, but exceptional game shirts are our white whale. And although that metaphor doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, “Playing God” combines our deep-seated fears of determinism and the Lord’s wrath with our boundless love for vector art. Plus, look how cute it is with pigtails! Playing God can be […]


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