Urbanity, modernity, identity, and Grand Theft Auto IV

In yesterday’s 1UP blog entry GTA4 Killed My Internet, this blogger really only meant to do a little GameVideos cross-promotion for the just-released GTA4 trailer. Still, the blog elicited an interesting back-and-forth among its readers, which we have lovingly reprinted in part just below/behind the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lara Croft: Baby Raider

lara croft: baby raider
Gallery of the Absurd
is singly the greatest one-glance-and-you’re-all-caught-up gossip blog on the internet. And while the latest Gallery entry is only tangentially related to videogames, it’s still pretty amazing. (Click thumbnail, at right, for the big picture.)


Gender in Games

So we made this for our friend Adam, but we were so tickled by our own wit we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves. (Click for the whole nightmare.)

Gender in Games chart

edit: I didn’t have enough work to do that week.


2006 Blip Festival

Man, we wish we were in NYC sometimes. For fans of Chip Music and glitch electronica, the 2006 Blip Festival is a must-do. It runs for four days, beginning November 30. And Mark DeNardo—whom we remember fondly from our Chicago days as a tremendous electrofolk talent, a zealous chipmusic teacher, and a nice guy—is one of the featured musicians.

In addition to magical lo-fi music, the Blip Festival will also screen the film 8 Bit.

Blip Festival [via]


Sneaker Pimps NES shoe

Speaking of shoes:


From the latest Sneaker Pimps art show (via).

We’re tremendous fans of the Sneaker Pimps show—we attended one in Chicago last year—and we’re really anxious to ascertain the identity of this shoe’s artist.

Still, this leads us to believe that the owner of Boston shoe store Concepts would know. We’ll try to find some contact information. Till then, send tips.


Game in really cute shoes!

From Glamour Magazine:

These girls are fifteen seconds away from making out.

Hello, Glamour? You forgot to photoshop the Wii remote into the top photo. (via) (via)


1-Up MegaZine #3

Raina Lee introduces issue #3 of 1-Up thusly:

Welcome to 1-Up MegaZine, Issue #3. For those new to 1-Up, our publication represents the ghost of video game future; a world where secret golden coins and power-ups emerge out of the ruins (broken blocks), and everyone can live as many lives as they earn.

It’s a good introduction, encapsulating the dreamy-eyed intellectualism of the zine as a whole—and, for that matter, shedding light on the wherefores of this very website’s title.

1-Up is targeted at, we suspect, a particular kind of gamer. She is a cradle-to-grave gamer, to be sure, but because of the videogame industry’s current climate, she is cornered into that horrible niche called “casual” (or in Nintendo’s lexicon, “latent”) gaming. She intellectualizes and externalizes the videogames of her youth precisely because they are so internalized: her individual videogame experiences are woven into her earliest memory.

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