This page simply exists so that, if anything were to change, it can be noted here for clarity.

Infinite Lives is written and maintained by Jenn Frank. We also feature periodic blogs and retrospectives by our only contributor, Kevin Bunch. Our editorial direction is increasingly fluid.


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Comments and Community

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As yet, there is no enforceable commenting policy. Our readership is small and friendly and not scary. If that were to change, the new policy will be noted here. Thus far, however, comment deletion has been discretionary as per our prejudices. Bans are by IP.

Editorial Transparency

Blog entries have been edited or deleted without warning or reason. Should this site publish guest blogs in the future, this policy will also change.

Now that our site’s writing is accountable to more than one person, blogs will not be deleted, with two exceptions, including that one “Sex in Second Life” entry. (You can still read that entry—and so much more!—for a nominal fee.)

We will draw your attention to most edits.