The gAtari looks silly, sounds rad

I think my favorite part about the gAtari 2600—besides, you know, the body of the guitar is an actual 2600—is how the “frets” are just these ginormous footpedals, all fused onto the “fingerboard” in a row.

No, I realize the pedals are actually being used to play loops (Right?? And then the “whammying”), but they look hilarious. This machine does not sound hilarious, however. Rather, it sounds awesome.


Here’s the best Pip-Boy 3000

Late last year, Internet Guy Skruffy Nerfherder (yep) briefly sold a limited run of Pip-Boy 3000 kits, and I only just found out about them. So much for what would’ve been the best anniversary gift ever, huh.

Skruffy based the kits on his own resin sculpt, and—well, see for yourself, how amazing his Pip-Boy is:

On an arm.

My favorite part is the Pip-Boy’s “LCD,” which is just a little pane of plexiglass illuminated with LEDs. With the light diffused through a slip of paper, and with a green gel on top, the screen gets that authentically murky glow. (Don’t even get me started on the hinge.)

Also, I really admire that Skruffy took the long way around. Because some people have simply been cramming iPhones into their cardboard Pip-Boys, OK. And while running iOS 3000 (or better yet) is fine and dandy, physically putting your iPhone into your PipBoy is, just, what?

I am saying this as a person who is trying to figure out what to do with her spare iPhone, in fact. Hm.

Anyway. What was I talking about? Ah, yes: craftsmanship.


Daily Linksplosion: Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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Portal 2: Rated E for Everybody 10+

Even in her girlhood—she spent her summers in Topeka, staring up at the sky—little Chell dreamed of a someday-career at Aperture.


Daily Linksplosion: Monday, October 25, 2010

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Trick or treat! It’s a’me, Luigi!

Piranha plant n luigi 2

Happy Halloween, almost! Here, a crafty mom has outfitted her son Levi as Luigi. And check out young Liam’s Piranha Plant costume! Way better than store-bought—as if you could buy a Piranha Plant off-the-rack anyway.


Snappy Portal-themed wallet sighted in the wild

A girl is making a purchase at the place where I work. Her wallet is lying on the front desk.

“Um,” I say, fumbling for my iPhone, “can I take a photo of your wallet?”

“Sure,” she shrugs.

“What is that, duct tape?” I ask her.

“Yeah, it’s all duct tape,” she says, turning it in her hands so Ashley and I can get a look at it.

“Can I post your wallet to the Internet?” I ask her.

“I don’t mind,” she says, reluctantly adding that there are plenty other Companion Cube wallets out there, and also, plenty other duct tape wallets out there. This, however, is the only Companion Cube -themed craft I’ve seen in the wild, so I am delighted.

“Can I write down your name?” I ask her.

“Crystal. Spelled the normal way.”

I scrawl it on a Post-It. “Do you want to have a last name?” I ask her.

“Sure. Chiang.”

Crystal Chiang commissioned this incredible, 100% duct tape wallet, using the alchemy forum at She estimates the wallet set her back all of about 20 bucks. It’s a little worse-for-wear, of course, because it is an actual, in-use wallet, but I find that the scuffs and the peeling corner only add to its rough-hewn charm.

“And I’m never alone!” Crystal concludes. Later, I will explain to my coworker Ashley what a Companion Cube is.


Awesome custom Samus at LA’s Toy Art Gallery

That incredible Samus Aran figurine (with LIGHT-UP HELMET and CANNON ARM) is, bafflingly, a customized Celsius vinyl toy, executed by artist Dave Quiles. Look at the details on her Varia suit!

This lovely bounty hunter is just one custom vinyl toy at the Ganmettal Celsius Custom Show, which opened July 10 at LA’s Toy Art Gallery.

The show also featured at least one Mega Man custom (well, duh, right?).


Perfecting your tennis serve with the Wii remote

Mans Shapshak really, really wants to play some tennis this summer. To improve his serve, he reasoned, he needs to perfect that initial toss of the ball in the air. And what better use of a spare Wii remote’s accelerometer than, say, rewiring the Wiimote to measure the speed of his throw?


“This same technique,” Shapshak writes, “can of course be used for any repetitive activity that you want to repeat exactly every time for consistency. Think golf, bowling, etc.”


Super-girly accessories for your woefully masculine DS

Turns out this feat of imagineering is old as sin (well, about a year old), but I think these Hello Kitty DS styluses and/or styli warrant a closer look.


The Hello Kitty styluseseses—key or butterfly -shaped, your choice!—are sold by Strapya, international purveyor of all things strappy. Check out the product description:


It’s tacky. It’s cumbersome. It is irresistible.

Besides, it will go perfectly with my brand new bling:


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Fanmade ‘Link’s Awakening 3-D’: nostalgic, three-dimensional

20-year old Jordan Mullen is hard at work on Link’s Awakening 3-D. He’s finished a ton of the environments, and with the 2D pixel textures wrapped around 3D models, it looks really nice.

Zelda 3D interior

Now, though, Mullen isn’t sure whether to use the original 2D sprites from A Link to the Past, or to continue modeling each of the sprites one by one in 3D. I personally submitted my vote for “a mix of 2D and 3D,” but as of this writing, the votes are split exactly down the middle.

Check out more of Mullen’s work here.

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Knock yourself out with these classic Nintendo beverages

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: Chicago will dye its river green, San Francisco will be drunk by 11am, and somehow I will have managed to paste a Wii remote to my hands with the stick of spilled booze.


Over at The Domestic Scientist, amateur mixologist (and all-around crafty lady) Renée White is experimenting with game -themed drinks. So far she’s concocted the 1UP, the Zero Suit Samus, and the Triforce. Next week, she writes, she will unveil the ‘Moogle.’

My favorite drink is probably the 1UP shot, because it makes a certain videogamey sense—“Let’s give this party new life with this small, ingestible green thing.”

I think I’m going to invent the ‘Metroid,’ which will just be a cherry suspended in a shot glass filled with Diet Coke.

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Gorgeous Dead Space custom action figure


Absolutely stunning. It definitely took artist Chris Hooton longer to make this toy than to play through Dead Space.

Here’s the real kicker, though: what’s under all those layers of paint and epoxy? Why, according to Hooton himself, one of these.

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Crafty Tuesday: Making Yoshi out of potato salad

Remember Super Bento Bros? Guess what. The artist decided to start up her own blog last month, and Kotaku found it.

But that’s not all. She is writing how-to’s.

Personally, if I were the world’s greatest bento box artist, I would not tell anybody how I am working my magic. I would take those secrets straight to the grave.

Oh my God.


You already saw these, but hey, it’s Halloween


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