Day of the Tentacle tentacle cookies

I confess that I have recently avoided blogging about my favorite video game baking site, Snack or Die, because it seems unfair that I post whenever Jocelyn posts, stealing all her photographs.

But Jocelyn’s brilliant Day of the Tentacle sugar cookies simply cannot be ignored. Sugar cookies themselves seem especially autumnal. The icing itself should be a cinch to mix. Apple Jacks cereal O’s make for perfect Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle suction cups. All in all, what a neat Halloween baking project for any fan of LucasArts adventure games.

Also—and this has nothing to do with baking—there is not much on YouTube in the way of the old Maniac Mansion TV show starring Joe Flaherty. That seems criminal!

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Castle Crashers custom vinyl toys

You probably already saw these on Kotaku and Vinyl Abuse, but because I love them, here they are again: CASTLE CRASHERS TOYS.

The artist decided to customize vinyl Teddy Troops figures. With the Troops’ faces smoothed over with Sculpey, they bear (hur!) an uncanny resemblance to the heroes of Castle Crashers. Aside from the Knights’ admirably strong brows, I think the renderings of the little pets are the best part.

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Happy first anniversary to The Hacktory

I’m kind of loving Philadelphia lately. I love Geekadelphia, from whom I have borrowed liberally (shout-out to Eric!). I love the lads at Gamervision. I love the Liberty Bell and all it represents, which is liberty. And then there’s the VGXPO, which is something that is also in Philadelphia.

And now I am completely in love with The Hacktory.

While I was questing through in search of the Gaymers video, I came across “Geeks and Toys Go Wild,” a viewer-created video of a Hacktory-sponsored event. The tiny DIY fest is so rough-around-the-edges and charming, just magical LEDs and chip music and, probably, alcohol. The Hactory video at Current may never make it all the way to TV, so—for now at least—you’ll have to check it out online, either here or embedded here:

I feel like there is this incredible nerd culture in Philadelphia that the rest of humanity doesn’t know about. Specifically, the goings-on at The Hacktory—classes on how to design circuit boards, or events with chiptune musicians dimly lit by demoscene graphics—remind me, bittersweetly, of the art collective gatherings and events that so captured my imagination when I was some college kid having her first brush with adulthood in her first real city. These community events were sincere, earnest, and wholly unmarketable. They were, to quote the Philadelphia Weekly, “Authentic Geek.”

Incidentally, The Hacktory turns one year old this month, hence the illustration of a layer-cake with LEDs that I am ‘borrowing’ from their blog.

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Handmade, one-of-a-kind Nintendo jewelry

This guy makes Nintendo jewelry, hand-wrought from gold and sterling, for himself, his girlfriend, and less often, for very close friends. Most of these pieces—including the heartbreakingly beautiful D-pad necklace—are one-offs, never to be forged again. Look, and weep.

Edit: A friend just asked me what “the thing in the middle is supposed to be.” It is so obviously a metroid, hello? So I just thought I’d clarify here, too: it’s a metroid.

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