The 2600 Post: something old, something new, and something lost


Of course, after a run of 100 issues over 19 years, I can certainly understand why editor Al Backiel has decided to hang up his hat. That’s a very long time, and an awful lot of issues. The 2600 Connection has been a fixture of the Atari fan community for years, a work of dedication celebrating one of the most important game systems of all time. [...]

The magazine’s demise doesn’t mean that the 2600 collector scene is dead, though; far from it. Atari Age and a number of other sites dedicated to the VCS and its siblings are perfectly alive and active. And people are still producing all sorts of interesting new homebrew games for the platform, such as the infamous VCS rendition of Mega Man that’s been making the rounds this week.
-E. Jeremy Parish

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Retronauts: oh, god, here we go again

After some ado, E. Jeremy Parish has returned with the 68th episode (what? How did that even happen?) of Retronauts, the podcast that revitalized’s retro games brand way back in 2006.

This time, Parish experiments with a new ‘sections-based’ format, with Ray Barnholt stopping by in the first half hour to talk about the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo Game Boy. Kurtis Seid guests for twenty minutes to discuss 1996’s Vandal Hearts and its anticipated XBLA sequel. Another twenty-minute segment is dedicated to Kohler and Final Fantasy remakes. And then, in the last hour (?!), an underedited Kohler and J. Frank sift through Jeremy’s mailbag, during what is essentially my hard-won Retronauts and Gaming for Money farewell (direct link).

LOST Retronauts


Like a ghost who hasn’t yet gone into the light, I can finally vanish into grad school in peace. edit: To the music of Metroid II, my favorite.

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Pictorial tribute to Ziff Davis magazines and podcasts


I used to very literally wallpaper my desk with artist Bill Mudron’s deliriously detailed EGM illustrations. Each panorama is a tangle of pictorial puzzles, the geek equivalent of a Peter Spier painting.

In lieu of recent events, Mudron’s latest is this bittersweet cartoon collage of happier days. Each bubble is crowded with some of the people and in-jokes, past and present, that made each of the micro-franchises fan favorites.

Plenty more at the link, below.

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